It’s Monday, January 23rd | What Are You Reading?

Love, love, LOVED seeing all of the photos of those of you who marched this past weekend. I desperately wanted to go myself, and just know I was there in spirit. Good work, my friends.

In reading news, I’m still reading much of the same as I was last week, although I have made steady progress in both. The Underground Railroad is really starting to heat up, and I’m finding myself wanting to drive around the block a few times to get in a little extra listening.

I was seriously debating giving up on All The Birds In The Sky at around the 50 page mark, but trudged forward a bit, and am really glad I did. It’s a weird book, and I’m not sure I really understand what’s happening… but in a good way. Like… robots, talking to birds, dead dogs… and some other stuff… yeah, not sure, but I’m down.

I’ve got a busy week ahead, and am *really* looking forward to getting my hair done, which is at least two months overdue. Grey hairs abound, and dull, mousy roots, anyone? Also, four hours worth of audiobooking (yes, I drive nearly two hours each way to get my hair done, I’m loyal like that), a glass of wine in the middle of the day, and a relaxing hour or so to myself… a rare bit of bliss.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


  • I hear you on the hair – it’s hard to find a 2 hour timeblock to get those highlights, right?!

    And I don’t think All the Birds is for me…I’ve been hearing good things about it for awhile, but sounds a bit too weird for my taste. And that whole sentence sounded OLD…haha.

    • It’s weird, but really not THAT weird. The writing isn’t the most amazing though, so really it’s just the story and curiosity that’s keeping me going at this point. I’m liking it, but likely won’t be a love situation.

  • Wow, you must really like your hair stylist.

    I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying The Underground Railroad. I’m on a waiting list for it, but the list is huge, so who knows when I’ll be able to read it.

  • Laurel-Rain Snow

    The Underground Railroad is on my list. Enjoy your week, and thanks for sharing. Here are

  • Hahaha, I’m about 18 months overdue for a hair appt!

  • Ahhh, your hair appointment sounds delightful! I have really short hair, so I have to go a little more frequently, but it’s less than a mile from my home…no reading time on that route – ha! I hope you have such a wonderful visit.

    • Thanks for the well wishes. I wish I was brave and could chop chop, as I LOVE short hairstyles, but my nerves won’t let me do it… yet anyways!

  • That sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon! I am terrible about getting my hair done, but I should really make more of an effort!

    • I make my next appointment before I leave, that way it doesn’t get too far out. I always feel better about life with fresh hair. This delay was an exception because we both had to cancel on each other at least once… whoops.

  • Kailana

    I just was not sure what I thought of All the Birds in the Sky at all. Even when I finished it. lol

  • The hair appointment sounds like a perfect escape! It’s always good to work in more reading/listening time. I find myself sometimes wishing my commute to work was a little longer so I could seriously work audio books into my day! I looked at All the Birds in the Sky several times, but it just seemed out of my wheelhouse!

    • Yes, to a longer commute! I so hear you there. I used to have a ~20-25 minute commute, which was perfect to get in a chapter or two per day of audio… now my commute is like 5 minutes, and I realllllllllly miss that time.

  • Yay for getting your hair done! I love feeling all fancy after a new haircut — it’s been kind of a while since I’ve had anything done to mine, and I kind of think I need to break up with my hair cutting guy. He’s been getting gradually more and more expensive and he’s sooooo great but I also can’t afford it anymore and I feel guilty so my solution has been to never go in to have anything done to my hair, ever. :p

    • Yeah, it sounds like maybe a change is a good idea. I’m sure there are plenty of other options available. When I moved away from by beloved hair girl (and then moved back again) I just looked around for people with cute hair, and asked where/who they went to… somewhere to start at least! I’m debating growing it out (again) or keeping the mid-length thing going… I’ll, as always, just end up telling her to “do whatever.” It’s been a successful strategy so far.

  • LOL on your gray hairs.

    ENJOY your reading week.

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  • I hear you on the hair! It is the one thing I won’t economize on- although I am thinking it might be time to let it go gray as some little #resist moment.

    I finally read The Shore this week and OMG. I want TSS back so much because I need to discuss this with fabulous bookish women! Loved and hated it. More love by far.