It’s Monday, February 20th | What Are You Reading?

This past weekend I went to my nephew’s first birthday party. What!?! How is that even possible. My sister and I were pregnant together, which means my sweet Baby E isn’t too far behind, and will be celebrating his own first birthday in less than two months. WHAT!?!

Due to being busy, distractable, and otherwise unfocused, I’m reading the same things as last week. However, I am flying through Big Little Lies on audio. It’s incredibly compelling, with some biting social commentary I’m enjoying. I think it’s just the kind of book I needed in my life at the moment.

I’m feeling a little worn out on Version Control, to be honest. I’m liking it well enough, but am just kind of… bored. I’m going to give it a little bit yet, but if it doesn’t pick up, I’m probably going to move on. There are a few March releases I’m hoping to get to, and I’ve also really been pulled to pick up Kindred, by Octavia Butler, although haven’t yet done so. We’ll see what my reading has in store for me this week.

I hate talking about the weather, but it is supposed to be 62 degrees and sunny this week Wednesday. In February. In Wisconsin. This aligns perfectly with my day off, and I think Baby E and I are going to go on a little outdoor adventure.

It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


  • Big Little Lies is such a fun escape story! I’m sure you know that HBO just turned it into a series (with LOTS of changes). It started just last night.

    • Yes! I finished the audiobook and watched the first episode last night. We’ll see how it shakes out, but I definitely super enjoyed the book.

  • Your books are all new to me. Your weather sounds like ours, but they’re predicting a return to winter this weekend. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  • Ree

    That cover of Big Little Lies always grabs my eye, but I have yet to read it! 🙂

  • Thank goodness for outdoor adventures! This freakish warm weather is really helping with the winter cabin fever.

    The kids get big so fast, don’t they?? My little one is three and I keep looking at her and thinking, “That is a little girl. What happened to my baby?!?”

    Have a great week!

    • Cabin fever, for sure! Sometimes I think I need to move back somewhere with a less “wintery” winter, but… bugs.

      It’s totally crazy how fast the time goes. Everyone says it… and it certainly seems true. It’s like, the days are long, but time overall feels split second.

  • Ditch that other book and read Kindred for sure. You’ll love it.

    • Yeah, I ditched it. Bleh, wasn’t working for me. I’m going to pull Kindred off the shelf and put it on my night stand to entice me. 🙂

  • Enjoy your outdoor adventure! I’m so happy your loving BLL. The commentary is hilarious. I was so bummed last night when I realized I missed the HBO premier. I’ll have to see if there is a repeat of it.

    • I’m sure they’ll play it again. HBO usually plays things several times over I think. I finished the audio and watched the first episode last night, and we’ll see how it goes. Certainly a star studded cast. I hear they changed a lot of things, so I’m trying not to read into the show tooooo much.

  • Kate

    Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Big Little Lies, I am looking forward to the tv series (started this week in Australia) – seems the makers have gone all out on the casting.

    • Yes, very star-studded cast. I watched the first episode last night, and it seems promising. I enjoyed the book, but as a total escape book… not necessarily a book of any real depth. If that makes sense.

  • I totally gave in to temptation and watched the first episode of Big Little Lies… without reading it first! I can definitely see why it’s so popular! Happy reading!

    • I’m sure the show will be able to be enjoyed without reading the book first. I hear they changed A LOT, so it probably won’t even matter that I have read the book. I found the first episode promising, so we’ll see!

  • Haha – I hate talking about the weather too….unless that weather is unseasonable warmth! Then I’ll talk about it all day!

    What March releases are you looking forward to? My list is way too long, so looking for ways to curate 🙂

    • I just started “Our Short History” (blurbed by Celeste Ng) and one chapter in, sounds like it’s going to be a tear-jerker. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has a piece coming out, but sadly I don’t have an advanced copy of that. “Rabbit Cake” coming out from Tin House sounds weirdly great, so am hoping to get on that one if possible. “The Devil and Webster” sounds like a timely novel, so looking forward to that one. Many others too that I don’t have advance copies of (The Impossible Fairy Tale, The Roanoke Girls, Exit West, ….). I feel like March is a good month for books!

      • I’ve got my eye on Our Short History but don’t have an ARC…will look forward to your thoughts!

        And The Roanoke Girls too…and I’m kind of interested in Devil and Webster…I’m a sucker for campus novels.

        Happy March reading!

  • Happy birthday to your nephew — and soon Baby E too! How did he get so old so fast?

    I finished Version Control. I was glad I’d persisted, but it doesn’t really pick up the pace as you go on reading it. A few big events occur that kept me interested for long enough to enjoy the payoff, but it’s definitely not a book for everyone. You are probably fine to abandon it.

    • Yeah, I gave up on it yesterday. I just kept trying, and would read a few pages, then walk away. It’s just SO LONG too, which makes it harder to just push through. I’m glad you have positive feelings about finishing it off at least! 🙂

  • Kailana

    Hard to believe it has been almost a year!