What I Read | February 2017

I read a whopping three books this month, which isn’t awesome, but is better than none at all. It was a super busy month with lots of life stuff happening, and the days just kept clicking on by. Also, I’ve been taken down hard for the past week and a half with strep throat and a cold, and finally am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, now that I’m on an antibiotic. Luckily this illness didn’t get to Baby E, which is the biggest of silver linings, for sure.


Homegoingby Yaa Gyasi

SO. F-ING. GOOD. I wanted MORE MORE MORE. First five star book of the year. (Sorry for the caps lock situation, but that’s just how I feel).


Big Little Lies, by Lianne Moriarty

This was nothing more or less than an enjoyable romp. It’s been a minute since I’ve ingested an “easy reading” kind of book, and this was exactly what I needed this month. It was light and fluffy, while also being kind of depressing and pretty biting at times, and I happily gobbled the whole thing right on up.

Men Explain Things To Meby Rebecca Solnit

Speaking of rage (was I speaking of rage? maybe just in my head), this essay collection made me all twitchy. I look forward to reading more of her stuff, including a new release later this month.

DNFed (for now)

Version Controlby Dexter Palmer

I haven’t completely ruled out coming back to this one eventually, but it totally wasn’t working for me in the moment. I wasn’t really in the mood for something like this, but was hoping to get through it for ToB reading. But alas, it just didn’t happen. And that’s fine.

I have big stack of books I’m hoping to get to in March, and am going to attempt to be more mindful of my time in an effort to squeeze in more reading (among other things). I, along with many of you I’m sure, waste way too much time scrolling through Instagram and fueling my rage on Twitter, and it needs to stop.

I’m great at ignoring my phone when I’m with Baby E, but when he’s down for a nap or off to bed, I tend to flush these hours down the toilet by investing time in these pointless endeavors. Instead I want to focus on all of the positive things I could and should be doing instead, like: self-care activities, reading, cooking, relaxing, exercising, connecting more deeply with those around me, and so on.

What say you readers? What’s up with you this month?


  • Kailana

    Sorry to hear you have been sick. The colds going around are brutal. Hope March is a great month!

  • Only three books, but they all sound like great ones! I’ve got that February cold now too, but (fingers crossed) it won’t worsen too much. Hope everything clears up soon!