It’s Monday, March 6th | What Are You Reading?

I’m coming down off of a pseudo-relaxing weekend. I didn’t have to work. We didn’t have anywhere we had to go. No big things absolutely had to get done. Just some regular, old chill-time, play-time, me-time, and it was GREAT. I have a miles-long to do list, but honestly, ignoring it was totally worth it.

I’m finally feeling somewhat healthy and back to myself again (after strep throat and the worst-cold-ever), and am ready to hit the gym this week! My goal is to go to CrossFit three times this week, and maybe even try to squeeze in some at home yoga on at least one in between day. This is me anouncing my intentions, and attempting to be accountable. We’llllll seeeee.

In reading land, I’ve recently starting a bunch of new things. Rabbit Cake is a March release I’ve been highly anticipating, and a few chapters in, so far so good. I needed a “phone read” for those random downtime moments, and decided to pick up Rebecca Solnit’s newest The Mother Of All Questionswhich comes out later this month. She’s smart,  I like the way she presents ideas, and I need another highlighter for all the note taking. K, thanks.

Lastly, I’ve picked out my next audiobook adventure, but haven’t quite started it yet (dang those interesting and important Crooked Media pods!). I’m feeling a little nonfiction-y, and am going to roll with it and listen to Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. I was already intrigued by this one, but have since realized it discusses families and neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (which is where I live), so now am even more interested in digging into this one. I think it will nicely complement a new local NPR series called Project Milwaukee: Segregation Matters, which discusses the origins of this issue and why it continues to endure.

That’s enough chatting from me today, but what about you? What’s new? What are you reading?


  • Glad you’re healthy and hope you get a good week of working out in! I’m toying with reading Evicted as well – actually I mean listening to it.

  • Kailana

    I started a Rebecca Solnit last month, but with my whole reading slump happening, I never did get back to it. I need to get to it!

    • I enjoy her style for the most part. Sometimes she gets a little wordy, and I feel like the point is lost, but overall I like her stuff.

  • I loved Evicted, and I learned so much of how the system really works. I hope you enjoy it. The gym…blah. My goal is to hit the gym at least once a week in March, but it looks like my once a week might come the last week of March. lol I’m glad you’re over your sickness! Stay healthy and enjoy the reading. 🙂

    • I’m really enjoying Evicted. Super insightful, and humanizes the issue. I’m just trying to get into a good gym habit. It’s so hard at the beginning because I’m so sore all the time, and just need to keep trying to push through! Takes time to build up the habit, and good luck meeting your goals! 🙂

  • Ooh, I am reading a book I think you would like! It is Yewande Omotoso’s “The Woman Next Door,” which is about two old ladies, one white and one black, who live next door to each other in post-apartheid South Africa and they are sort of NEMESES but then there’s a construction accident that means they’re in each other’s lives more than they would choose. I’m loving it so far. It’s just really beautifully observed and great.

  • Crooked Media gives me LIFE! I have to investigate Rabbit Cake because that title. And I’ll basically read anything Solnit writes.

    • I’m digging Rabbit Cake so far. It’s kind of quirky, and I’m not sure where it’s going, but it’s all good by me.