Tournament of Books 2017 | My Bracket

I came. I (tried to) read. I did not exactly conquer. And here we are. The Tournament has arrived! I had reasonable intentions, but just wasn’t feeling many of the books this year for one reason or another. Despite my lackluster reading, I’ve managed to get through 7 of the titles, which is plenty to keep up decently enough with the ToB chatter.

I had filled out my bracket a week or so ago, and had selected Sudden Death as the winner of the Play-In round. Turns out I was right, despite not having read any of the three sports-related books. With that out of the way, the official Tournament kicks off tomorrow!

My bracket selections mostly reflect what I *think* is going to happen, versus what I actually *want* to happen. I see decent potential for an upset or two on the horizon, which I may or may not be okay with.

Are you following along this year? How many titles did you make it through? Which match-up are you looking forward to, or alternatively dreading, the most? Who will take the coveted Rooster?



  • I haven’t even noticed the tournament this year. Sadly, I’ve only read one of the titles (Homegoing – my prediction to win) and have two others still sitting on my shelf to read (Lucy Barton and The Mothers). I was just looking at The Mothers on my shelf and thinking it should be next.

    • I enjoyed The Mothers quite a bit (4 stars, I think), despite its flaws.

      I did not enjoy Lucy Barton, but I think I’m definitely in the minority on that one. I just don’t think Elizabeth Strout and I get on well, as I didn’t like The Burgess Boys either. It wasn’t terrible or anything, I just found it completely forgettable.

  • I loved The Mothers. Hope to see it go far. Also loved Lucy Barton, though, but loved The Mothers more.

  • Homegoing and The Underground Railroad are both so great that I also chose them for the final two, and I have no idea which one’s going to win. I tend to think Underground Railroad? I don’t know. They’re both amazing, and more notably, I have read them both. Yay me!