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I first entered the blogging scene 15+ years ago, with the Dr. Pepper fueled energy of my teenage years in a fangirl blog of my undying love for *NSYNC. Although true, my love for Justin lives on, the blog, sadly, does not.

I’ve been a long time reader of blogs of all varietals – fashion, lifestyle, cooking, books, and so on. Since I spend 80% of my time in scrubs as a nurse practitioner in a pediatric intensive care unit, a fashion blog seems illogical. And, although I live an amazing life as a wife, mom, and proud pet owner of my dog, named Fuji, it’s definitely not “pretty” enough to photograph on a day-to-day basis to inspire the masses.

BUT, I’ve been reading chapter books since before grade 1, and that is an obsession I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. I read anything and everything, and tend to go through phases (cough, obsessions) in my reading, which will become apparent to you fairly quickly. I’m that weird lurker girl you see in coffee shops, intensely yet casually staring, and readjusting herself trying to catch a glimpse of the book you’re reading…

My name is Katie, I’m in my 30s, and live in the Midwest. Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope you find some recommendations, conversations, or whatever else you were looking for when you stumbled over here.

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